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Zhang Huihui
Author NameAffiliation
Zhang Huihui State Key Laboratory of Non-linear Mechanics (LNM), Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100080, China 
The Spatial Variation of LURR and Seismic Tendency in Western United States
Zhang Huihui
Load-Unload Response Ratio (LURR) is a new promising approach to earthquake prediction. In the previous years, a series of successful medium-term predictions have been made for strong earthquakes on the Chinese mainland using this method. In order to investigate whether the LURR method applies to different tectonic regimes, i.e., whether it is universal, the San Andreas Fault and its vicinities are chosen as the study region in this paper. The spatial variation of LURR in the western United States (30°~50°N, 100°~130°W) is studied in detail and the earthquake tendency in this region is discussed based on historic earthquake cases.
Key words:  Load/Unload Response Ratio (LURR)  Western United States  Spatial scanning  Seismic tendency