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Gao Yuan
Author NameAffiliation
Gao Yuan Center for Analysis and Prediction, China Earthquake Administration, Beijing 100036, China 
基金项目:MOST(2001BA601 B02-03-05 and NSFC40274011)
Systematic Analysis Method of Shear-Wave Splitting:SAM Software System
Gao Yuan
In order to make a more effective use of the data from regional digital seismograph networks and to promote the study on shear wave splitting and its application to earthquake stress-forecasting, SAM software system, i.e., the software on systematic analysis method of shear wave splitting has been developed. This paper introduces the design aims, system structure, function and characteristics about the SAM software system and shows some graphical interfaces of data input and result output. Lastly, it discusses preliminarily the study of shear wave splitting and its application to earthquake forecasting.
Key words:  SAM software system  Shear-wave splitting  Systematic analysis method  Earthquake stress-forecasting