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1)中国地震局地球物理研究所地震观测与地球物理成像重点实验室, 北京市民族大学南路5号 100081;2)云南省地震局,昆明 650224
关键词:  人工震源  井中气枪  激发环境  震源特征  重复性
Study on the Source Characteristics of Downhole Airgun with Different Excitation Environments
Yang Wei1 ) , Wang Baoshan1 ) , Liu Zhengyi1 ) , Yang Jun2 ) , Li Xiaobin2 ) , and Chen Yong1 )
1)Key Laboratory of Seismic Observation and Geophysical Imaging, Institute of Geophysics, CEA, Beijing 100081, China;2)Earthquake Administration of Yunnan Province, Kunming 650224 China
The measurement of underground medium variation using a repeated artificial source has gradually become an important goal to pursue. In recent years, we have developed and improved a technology system with large capacity airguns excited in land reservoirs by transplanting marine seismic exploration technology. The excitation effect has a close relationship to airgun capacity, water environment, and excitation conditions. In view that large capacity airgun must be excited without a water environment, we expand the system to include downhole airguns. Based on the BHS-2200LL downhole airgun with a capacity of 250in3 , this paper carries out a comparative analysis on the characteristics of an airgun source excited in 0.2m and 5.0m diameter wells, and the results show that: (1) The dominant frequency of the airgun signal excited in a 5.0m well is mainly from 10Hz to 40Hz, lower than that in 0.2m well, and the larger body of water is good for bubble oscillation. (2) In terms of exciting energy, the signal excited in a 5.0m well has stronger energy than in a 0.2m well, with a difference of 1 order in magnitude, and the signal excited in a 5.0m well with a single shot can be transmitted up to 9km. (3) The airgun signal has good repeatability in both excitation wells. The downhole airgun excitation technology system has potential application in dynamic monitoring near a fault zone with a small scale range, exploration of oil and mineral resources, and modern urban geophysical environment.
Key words:  Artificial source  Downhole airgun  Excitation environment  Seismic source characteristics  Repeatability