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孙文1, 梁庆国1, 王丽丽2, 曹小平1
1.兰州交通大学土木工程学院;2.中国地震局 兰州地震研究所 黄土地震工程重点实验室
关键词:  黄土  高边坡  浅埋隧道  动力响应
基金项目:国家自然科学基金(51968041,41562013); 兰州交通大学“百名青年优秀人才培养计划”;甘肃省科技计划资助(18YF1GA055)
Study on dynamic response of shallow buried loess tunnel under high slope
Sun Wen1, Liang Qingguo1, Wang Lili2, Cao Xiaoping1
1.School of Civil Engineering, Lanzhou Jiaotong University;2.Key Laboratory of Loess Earthquake Engineering, Lanzhou Institute of Seismology, CEA
In view of the present situation of a large number of engineering of shallow-buried tunnels underneath the loess high slope and the practical characteristics of the tunnels located in high intensity areas in the western loess region of China, based on large-scale shaking table model tests, the dynamic response law of shallow-buried loess tunnel and side slope under the action of different intensity seismic waves are researched, the typical instability failure characteristics and instability process of tunnel and side slope are discussed and suggestions on the key seismic fortification parts of the tunnels are put forward. Research indicates that the main seismic damage characteristics of the side slope are the failure of the sliding surface between the top and foot of the slope and the stripping of the soil around the tunnel entrance, and the tunnel destruction is mainly manifested by seismic subsidence at the entrance of the cave and cracking and deformation at the joint. The acceleration peaks at the vault and invert are in a phenomenon of "staggered peak distribution" is proposed as a criterion to judge the dynamic critical failure of the tunnel.
Key words:  loess  high slope  shallow tunnel  dynamic response