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刘汉奇1, 田晓峰1, 刘宝峰1, 王红蕾2
关键词:  华北克拉通,地壳速度结构,克拉通破坏,宽角反射/折射
基金项目:国家自然科学基金(41574084, 41774071)资助。
Synthetic Seismogram Modeling Velocity structures for sub-blocks of the North China Craton from active-source seismic data and their tectonic implications
Hanqi Liu1, Xiaofeng Tian1, Baofeng Liu1, Honglei Wang2
1.Geophysical Exploration Center,China Earthquake Administration,Zhengzhou;2.Hebei Earthquake Agency,Shijiazhuang
We present the 1d crustal velocity structure of the major tectonic blocks of the North China Craton (NCC) along Lat. 36°N based on synthetic seismogram modeling long-range wide-angle reflection/refraction data. This profile extends from southwest Yan-an of central Shaanxi Province of China (Lon. 109.47°E), across the southern Trans-North China Orogen (TNCO), the southwestern of the North China Plain (NCP), the Luxi Uplift (LU) and Sulu Orogeny (SLO), ending at Qingdao city of Shandong Province, the eastern margin of China (Lon. 120.12°E) along Lat. 36°N. We utilized reflectivity synthetic seismogram modeling the active source data to develop 1d velocity structures of the sub-blocks of the NCC. Our final model shows that the NCC crust is remarkable variation among the tectonic units with different velocity structure features. Higher lower crustal velocity and Moho depth ~42 km is a major feature of the south Ordos block’s crust. The TNCO which is composed of Lyuliangshan Mountain (LM), Shanxi Graben (SXG) and Taihangshan Mountain (TM) shows dominant trans-orogenic features. The NCP shows dominantly thickening sediment, sharply crust thinning with Moho depth ~32km and significantly lower average velocity. The SLO and the LU shows stratified crust, higher average velocity and crust thinning with Moho depth of ~35 km. Our model shows the coincidence between the deep strucutre and the surface geology among all the tectonic sub-blocks of the NCC.
Key words:  North China Craton  crustal velocity structure  craton destructure  wide-angle reflection/refraction