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Ranking of the papers with high impact

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Article NO.TitleAuthor NameVol. Issue NO.Number of DownloadCopy
20130412 A Comparison of Domestic and Foreign Seismic Fortification Standards for Electrical Equipment1 You Hongbing and Zhao Fengxin 2013,27(4):553-566 10243
20140301 Recent Developments of Earthquake Early Warning in California, USA Wang Honglei1) and Walter D. Mooney2) 2014,(3):274-284 7603
20120305 Methods for Estimating Mean Annual Rate of Earthquakes in Moderate and Low Seismicity Regions Peng Yanju,Zhang Lifang,Lu Yuejun, and Xie Zhuojuan 2012,26(3):335-347 6999
20120201 Field Geological Exploration of the Ashikule Volcano Group in Western Kunlun Mountains Xu Jiandong,Zhao Bo,Zhang Liuyi and Chen Zhengquan 2012,26(2):152-159 6485
20130302 A Review of Aftershock Mechanism Research Qu Junhao,Jiang Haikun,Li Jin and Song Jin 2013,27(3):288-300 5974
20020309 Seismological Research in Singapore Mah King Kheong and Lim Lay Eng 2002,16(3):243-252 5222
20030108 High-Resolution Seismic Reflection Profiling of the Fenhe Fault in Taiyuan City You Huichuan,He Zhengqin,Ding Zhifeng,Wu Jianping and Wu Qingju 2003,17(1):73-84 5179
20110403 Study on the Recent Tectonic Stress Field in the Yunnan Region Qian Xiaodong,Qin Jiazheng and Liu Lifang 2011,25(4):409-425 5119
20120206 Investigation of Terraces along the Luoyunshan Piedmont Fault Zone and Its Tectonic Implications Sun Changbin,Xie Xinsheng and Xu Jianhong 2012,26(2):210-221 5032
20100403 Mechanical Response of Saturated Geological Rock Mass under Tidal Force Liao Xin,Liu Chunping,Xie Lingjiang,Shi Yun and Wan Fei 2010,24(4):423-431 4767
20100311 Characteristics of S-wave Envelope Broadening in the Changbaishan Tianchi Volcano Fan Xiaoping,Li Qinghe,He Haibing,Yang Congjie and Jin Shumei 2010,24(3):385-393 3925
20140101 Zhang Heng’s seismoscope (1): Its emergence Feng Rui 2014,28(1):1-11 3924
20120307 Variation of the Energy Field of Longmenshan Fault Zone before the Wenchuan MS8.0 Earthquake Yang Mingzhi and Ma Heqing 2012,26(3):355-364 3292
20110406 Study on Precise Location and Structure of Earthquakes in the Shanxi Reservoir,Zhejiang Province Zhu Xinyun1,2),Zhang Fan1) and Yu Junyi1) 2011,25(4):456-467 2974
20110301 Learning and Progressing Through Scientific Practices—Commemorating the 90th Anniversary of the Haiyuan Earthquake and Working to Improve the Ability of Earthquake Prediction and Seismic Hazard Reduction Deng Qidong 2011,25(3):260-272 2908
20110405 Relationship between Earth’s Rotation and Several Strong Earthquakes and Moderate-small Earthquakes Occurring around the Epicenter Regions Prior to Strong Earthquakes Wang Hengxin1),Zhao Xiaoyan2),Li Yan’e1) and Chen Xuezhong1) 2011,25(4):444-455 2867
20190101 Some Thoughts on the Earthquake Science Experimental Site-The Underground Cloud Map CHEN Yong, XU Yihe, CAI Huiteng and LI Wen 2019,33(1):1-8 2775
20120209 Analysis of Some Building Damage Phenomena in the Wenchuan Earthquake Li Min and Li Xiaojun 2012,26(2):243-251 2713
20120309 Seismic Sequence Characteristics of the March 21, 2008, M7.4 Yutian, Xinjiang Earthquake and Seismological Anomalies before the Earthquake Nie Xiaohong and Li Yingzhen 2012,26(3):377-390 2676
20120308 The Contrast Study of Precursor Anomalies before the MS8.0 Wenchuan Earthquake Chen Lide and Fu Hong 2012,26(3):365-376 2653