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 Title:The Temporal Variation of LURR in Kanto and Other Regions in Japan and Its Application to Earthquake Prediction
    Citation:(3)    Author:Yin Xiangchu,Chen Xuezhong,Song Ziping,and Wang YucangCenter for Analysis and Prediction,SSB,Beijing ,China Institute of Geophysics,SSB,Beijing ,China    Year:1996,4    Page:——
 Title:Strains Recorded Using a Seismometer Data Acquisition Unit
    Citation:(1)    Author:Yang Xuanhui,Yang Shuxin,Zhang Bin,Zhang Guohong,Liu Fusheng,Liu Yanzhi and Wang Yong    Year:2012,1    Page:110——117
 Title:A Statistical Analysis on the Wenchuan Aftershock Activity Triggered by Earth Tide
    Citation:(1)    Author:Li Jin , Haikun    Year:2013,1    Page:23——38
 Title:Zhang Heng's Seismoscope Its Emergence
    Citation:(1)    Author:Feng Rui    Year:2014,1    Page:1——11
 Title:Textual Research on the Historical Data of the 1573 AD Minxian Earthquake in Gansu Province and Discussion on Its Seismogenic Structure
    Citation:(1)    Author:Zheng Wenjun    Year:2007,4    Page:445——454
 Title:Dynamical Implications of Earthquake Modeling Using Stochastic Cellular Automata
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 Title:Eastern Kunlun Active Fault Zone and Its Seismic Activity
    Citation:(1)    Author:Liu GuangxunInstitute of Crustal Dynamics,SSB,Beijing,,China    Year:1996,4    Page:——
 Title:Systematic Analysis Method of Shear-Wave Splitting:SAM Software System
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 Title:Research on the Characteristics and Repeatability of Strong Earthquake Activity in Sichuan-Yunnan
    Citation:(1)    Author:Huang Shengmu and Dong Ruiying    Year:2017,4    Page:491——512
 Title:Study on the Deconvolution Method and Processing Flow of Airgun Source Data
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 Title:A Review on Tidal Triggering of Earthquakes
    Citation:(1)    Author:Li Jin and Jiang Haiknn    Year:2012,1    Page:128——141
 Title:Analysis of Some Building Damage Phenomena in the Wenchuan Earthquake
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 Title:Geological Evidence and Characteristics of Activity of the Wuhe-Mingguang Section of Tancheng-Lujiang Fault Zone in Late Pleistocene
    Citation:(0)    Author:Shu Peng,Fang Lianghao,Zheng Yingping,Lu Shuo,Pan Haobo,Song Fangmin and Li Shengqiang    Year:2016,4    Page:485——499
 Title:A Review on Research of Foreshocks
    Citation:(0)    Author:Zhou Shaohui and Jiang Haikun    Year:2016,4    Page:470——484
 Title:Multi-parameters of Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing Anomalies of the Earthquake
    Citation:(0)    Author:Lu Xian,Meng Qingyan,Gu Xingf,Zhang Xiaodong,Xiong Pan,Ma Weiyu and Xie Tao    Year:2016,4    Page:500——512
 Title:Cumulative Coulomb Failure Stress Change in the Basin-range Region of West Beijing and Its Effect on Strong Earthquakes
    Citation:(0)    Author:Chen Dan and Hao Ping    Year:2016,4    Page:513——525
 Title:Analysis and Study on the Change of the Observed Geo-electric Field Data at Lhasa Geomagnetic Station before and after the Nepal <i>M</i><sub>S</sub>8.1 Earthquake
    Citation:(0)    Author:Xi Jilou,Guan Huaping,Liu Chao,Zhuang Nan,Guan Xinying,Yang Xiaoming,Zhang Zhiguo,Ci Zhuog,Kelsang Drolma and Ma Aiming    Year:2016,4    Page:526——541
 Title:Rayleigh Wave Tomography of Ningxia and Its Adjacent Areas Based on Ambient Noise
    Citation:(0)    Author:Xie Hui,Ma Heqing,Ma Xiaojun,Li Qingmei,Zhang Nan and Ren Jiaqi    Year:2016,4    Page:542——555
 Title:Shear-wave Splitting in the Crust beneath Shandong and Its Adjacent Area
    Citation:(0)    Author:Miao Qingjie,Liu Xiqiang,Shi Yuyan,Qu Junhao,Zheng Jianchang and Tian Fengdong    Year:2016,4    Page:556——565
 Title:Seismotectonic Zonation of the Longmengshan and Chengdu Region
    Citation:(0)    Author:Kong Jun,Shi Bingxin,Zhou Rongjun and Wang Shiyuan    Year:2016,4    Page:566——577
 Title:The Preliminary Analysis of the Characteristics of Geomagnetic Harmonic Wave Amplitude Ratios before the Gaoyou-Baoying <i>M</i><sub>S</sub>4.9 Earthquake
    Citation:(0)    Author:Jiang Yanlin,Yuan Guiping,Li Hongyu,Tang Tingmei and Zhao Weihong    Year:2016,4    Page:578——583
 Title:Detecting the Earthquake Excited Spheroidal Free Oscillation of the Earth by Use of Observational Data at Huzhou Seismic Station
    Citation:(0)    Author:Fang Yanxun,Bian Genf,Hui Ruoyu and Sun Zongqiang    Year:2016,4    Page:584——593
 Title:Research on Co-seismic Displacement of the Yutian<i> M</i><sub>S</sub>7.3 Earthquake Based on the High Frequency Data of GNSS
    Citation:(0)    Author:Li Guirong,Zhao Bin,Li Rui,Li Jie,Cheng Ruizhong,Wang Xiaoqiang,Liu Daiqin,Chen Li,Paerhat&#;Zainul,Ailixiati&#;Yushan,Chen Shujiang and Buaijieer&#;Kuerban    Year:2016,4    Page:594——600
 Title:Analysis of Fixed Site Leveling Abnormality at Hutubi Seismic Station
    Citation:(0)    Author:Chen Shujiang,Zheng Yiming,Wang Zaihu,Wang Jianfeng,Ailixiati&#;Yushan,Chen Li,Cheng Ruizhong and Fang Wei    Year:2016,4    Page:601——611
 Title:Some Problems Related to the Construction of Groundwater Wells for Earthquake Monitoring
    Citation:(0)    Author:Che Yongtai,Yu Jinzi and Zhu Chengying    Year:2016,4    Page:612——621
 Title:Retrospection on the Conclusions of Earthquake Tendency Forecast before the Wenchuan M_S8.0 Earthquake
    Citation:(0)    Author:Liu Jie,Guo Tieshuan,Yang Liming,Su Youjin and Li Gang    Year:2009,2    Page:119——133
 Title:Emergency Seismic Damage Assessment of the M_S8.0 Great Wenchuan Earthquake Based on Remote Sensing Imagery
    Citation:(0)    Author:Wang Xiaoqing,Wang Long,Wang Yan,Ding Xiang and Zhang Feiyu    Year:2009,2    Page:134——143
 Title:A Review on Researches of Active Tectonics——History, Progress and Suggestions1
    Citation:(0)    Author:Deng Qidong,Wen Xueze    Year:2009,1    Page:——
 Title:Characteristics of the May 12,2008 Wenchuan M_S8.0 Earthquake Sequence and Discussion on Relevant Problems
    Citation:(0)    Author:Jiang Haikun,Li Mingxiao,Wu Qiong and Song Jin    Year:2009,1    Page:34——47
 Title:Thermal Anomalies and Earthquakes:Evidence from Wenchuan,China
    Citation:(0)    Author:Yang Guoan,Mi Yuqin    Year:2009,1    Page:48——55
 Title:Study of Paleoearthquakes by Excavation of Grouped Trenches on the Zemuhe Fault in Daqingliangzi,Xichang,Sichuan
    Citation:(0)    Author:Tian Qinjian,,Ren Zhikun and Zhang Junlong    Year:2009,1    Page:56——67
 Title:Crust Shortening of the Daliangshan Tectonic Zone in the Cenozoic Era and Its Implications
    Citation:(0)    Author:Chen Changyun, and He Honglin    Year:2009,1    Page:68——77
 Title:Recent Study of the Changjiang Fault Zone
    Citation:(0)    Author:Hou Kangming,Zong Kaihong,Guo Jiangning,Xiong Zhen,Li Limei,Zhou Caixia and Jiang Bo    Year:2009,1    Page:78——86
 Title:Textual Research on the July 7,1590 A. D. Southeastern Yongjing Earthquake in Gansu Province
    Citation:(0)    Author:Yuan Daoyang,,Lei Zhongsheng,,Zhang Junling,,Ge Weipeng,,Liu Xingwang,,LiuBaichi, and Liang Mingjian,    Year:2009,1    Page:87——95
 Title:A Review on Researches of Active-- Tectonics History, Progress and Suggestions
    Citation:(0)    Author:Deng Qidong and Wen Xueze    Year:2009,1    Page:1——27
 Title:Tectonics and Seismicity of the Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon Region
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 Title:Characteristics of the Zhengzhou Laoyachen Fault Revealed by Seismic Exploration Data
    Citation:(0)    Author:Liu Baojin,Zhao Chengbin,Tian Qinjian,Liu Yaoxing and Feng Shaoying    Year:2009,2    Page:161——169
 Title:Research of the Activity of Earthquakes Induced by Water Injection of Salt Mining in Changning County,Sichuan Province
    Citation:(0)    Author:Ruan Xiang,Cheng Wanzheng,Zhang Yongjiu,Li Jun and Chen Yin    Year:2009,2    Page:170——179
 Title:Characteristics and Mechanisms of Co-seismic Groundwater Responses in Tayuan Well
    Citation:(0)    Author:Sun Xiaolong and Liu Yaowei    Year:2009,2    Page:180——191
 Title:The Study of Two Geomagnetic Jerks in China
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 Title:Study on the Phenomenon of Geomagnetic Low-value Displacement before Moderately Strong Earthquakes in Gansu
    Citation:(0)    Author:Zhang Suping and Feng Jiangang    Year:2009,2    Page:200——209
 Title:Seismogram Analysis of Indonesian Earthquakes at DAV Observation Station
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 Title:Evaluation for Earthquake Liquefaction of Loess Sites
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 Title:An Overview of the Study on Stress Magnitude
    Citation:(0)    Author:Sheng Shuzhong and Wan Yongge,    Year:2009,2    Page:228——236
 Title:An Introduction to the Latest-generation Spatial Database of Active Tectonics of China
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 Title:The Dynamic Characteristics of Strain Fields and Crustal Movement before the Wenchuan Earthquake (M_S=8.0)
    Citation:(0)    Author:Jiang Zaisen,Wu Yanqiang,Fang Ying,Li Peng and Wang Wuxing    Year:2009,3    Page:257——265
 Title:The Geodynamic Mechanism of the M_S8.0 Wenchuan Earthquake
    Citation:(0)    Author:Zhang Guomin,Shao Zhigang,Liu Guiping and Ma Hongsheng    Year:2009,3    Page:266——277
 Title:Preliminary Research on the Characteristics of the M_S8.0 Wenchuan Earthquake Hazard
    Citation:(0)    Author:Li Zhiqiang,Yuan Yifan,Li Xiaoli,Zhang Qin,Dai Boyang,Ye Youqing,Ge Peifeng and Zeng Jie    Year:2009,3    Page:278——298
 Title:Exploration of Suspected Surface Ruptures of the M_S8.0 Wenchuan Earthquake at Frontal Areas of Longmenshan Using Shallow Seismic Reflection
    Citation:(0)    Author:Liu Baojin,Yang Xiaoping,Feng Shaoying and Kou Kunpeng    Year:2009,3    Page:299——309
 Title:A Review of the Study on the Uncertainty of Earthquake Loss Estimation
    Citation:(0)    Author:Wang Xiaoqing,,He Jun,Ding Xiang and Wang Yan    Year:2009,3    Page:310——318