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 Title:The Crust-Mantle Structure in Zhangbei-Shangyi Earthquake Area
    Citation:(4)    Author:Zhu Zhiping,Zhang Jianshi,Zhang Xiankang,Zhang Chengke,Liu Mingqing,and Nie WenyingResearch Center of Exploration Geophysics,CSB,Zhengzhou ,China    Year:1999,4    Page:——
 Title:Eastern Kunlun Active Fault Zone and Its Seismic Activity
    Citation:(4)    Author:Liu GuangxunInstitute of Crustal Dynamics,SSB,Beijing,,China    Year:1996,4    Page:——
 Title:Statistical Research on S-Wave Incident Angle
    Citation:(4)    Author:    Year:1994,1    Page:——
 Title:Numerical Simulation of Earthquake Nucleation Process and Seismic Precursors on Faults
    Citation:(4)    Author:He Changrong    Year:2000,3    Page:199——212
 Title:Annual Consultation on the Likelihood of Earthquakes in Continental China: Its Scientific and Practical Merits
    Citation:(4)    Author:Wu Zhongliang    Year:2007,4    Page:365——371
 Title:Fault Geometry and Departure of Precursors From the Epicenter
    Citation:(3)    Author:Ma Jin,Liu Liqiang,and Ma ShengliInstitute of Geology,SSB,Beijing ,China    Year:1998,1    Page:——
 Title:The Temporal Variation of LURR in Kanto and Other Regions in Japan and Its Application to Earthquake Prediction
    Citation:(3)    Author:Yin Xiangchu,Chen Xuezhong,Song Ziping,and Wang YucangCenter for Analysis and Prediction,SSB,Beijing ,China Institute of Geophysics,SSB,Beijing ,China    Year:1996,4    Page:——
 Title:The Spatial Variation of LURR and Seismic Tendency in Western United States
    Citation:(3)    Author:Zhang Huihui    Year:2005,3    Page:338——345
 Title:Systematic Analysis Method of Shear-Wave Splitting:SAM Software System
    Citation:(3)    Author:Gao Yuan    Year:2004,4    Page:365——372
 Title:Location Accuracy of the China National Seismograph Network Estimated by Repeating Events
    Citation:(3)    Author:Jiang Changsheng    Year:2006,1    Page:67——74
 Title:A Preliminary Study on the Use of NCEP Temperature Images and Additive Tectonic Stress from Astro-Tidal-Triggering to Forecast Short-Impending Earthquakes
    Citation:(3)    Author:Ma Weiyu    Year:2007,1    Page:85——93
 Title:A New Theory of Love Waves in Multi-layered Media with Irregular Interfaces
    Citation:(2)    Author:Chen Xiaofei and Ge Zengxi    Year:1999,2    Page:——
 Title:Research on Tectonic Features and Dynamics in the Northwestern Yunnan Extensional Region
    Citation:(2)    Author:Han Zhujun,Xu Jie,Guo Shunming,Yang Zhu'en,Xiang Hongfa,and Wu DaningInstitute of Geology,SSB,Beijing ,China    Year:1995,2    Page:——
 Title:Yanshan, Gaoshan-Two Active Volcanoes of the Volcanic Cluster in Arshan, Inner Mongolia
    Citation:(2)    Author:Bai Zhida    Year:2005,4    Page:402——408
 Title:Experiment on Hydraulic Fracturing in Rock and Induced Earthquake
    Citation:(2)    Author:Yan Yuding    Year:2005,4    Page:354——370
 Title:A Physical Method of Analyzing the Mechanism of Continental Strong Shocks from Crustal Movement
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 Title:A Preliminary Study on Geological and Seismogenic Structures in the Region of 1969 M 7.4 Bohai Sea Earthquake
    Citation:(2)    Author:Xu Jie,Gao Zhanwu,Sun Jianbao and Song Changqing    Year:2001,4    Page:365——379
 Title:Measurement of Attenuation Q Value of Cylindrical Sample from Wave Energy
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 Title:Preliminary Study on the Horizontal Crustal Deformation in Chinese Continent
    Citation:(2)    Author:Guo Liangqian    Year:2000,4    Page:312——322
 Title:Marine Active Fault Exploration and Paleoearthquake Research
    Citation:(2)    Author:Deng Qidong ,Chao Hongtai ,Min Wei and Zhong Yizhang    Year:2002,2    Page:155——159
 Title:Vulnerability Analysis in Earthquake Loss Estimate
    Citation:(2)    Author:Chen Yong,Chen Qifu,and Chen LingCenter for Analysis and Prediction,China Seismological Bureau,Beijing ,China    Year:1998,4    Page:——
 Title:Preliminary Study on Cenozoic Group and Fault Activity in the Sea Area Near the Yangtze River Mouth
    Citation:(2)    Author:Huo Enjie    Year:2004,1    Page:13——26
 Title:Focal Mechanism of Small Earthquakes and Characteristics of Tectonic Stress Field in South China
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 Title:Seismogram Synthesis in Multi-layered Half-space Part Ⅰ. Theoretical Formulations
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 Title:Effect of Initial Stress Conditions on the Threshold Shear Strain of Nanjing's Saturated Fine Sand
    Citation:(2)    Author:Chen Guoxing and Pan Hua    Year:2010,1    Page:128——136
 Title:Seismic Wave Propagation and Excitation in Multi-layered Media with Irregular Interfaces Part (Ⅰ): SH Case
    Citation:(1)    Author:Chen Xiaofei    Year:1999,2    Page:——
 Title:Dynamic Interaction of Natural and Man-Made Structures with Earth Medium
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 Title:Lithospheric Geothermal Structure in Yunnan, China
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 Title:Study on Model of Atmospheric Refraction in GPS Measurement
    Citation:(1)    Author:    Year:1998,3    Page:——
 Title:A Preliminary Research on the Application of GPS to Regional Crustal Movement and Judgement of Seismic Risk Region
    Citation:(1)    Author:Yang Guohua,Li Yanxing,Bo Wanju,and Han YuepingThe First Crustal Deformation Monitoring Center,China Seismological Bureau,Tianjin ,China    Year:1998,3    Page:——
 Title:Establishment of the GPS Monitoring Network in North China, the Relation of Horizontal Crustal Movement to Stress Field and Seismicity
    Citation:(1)    Author:Li Yanxing,Hu Xinkang,Zhao Chengkun,Wang Min,Guo Liangqian,and Xu JushengFirst Crustal Deformation Monitoring Center,China Seismological Bureau,Tianjin ,China Institute of Seismology,China Seismological Bureau,Wuhan ,China    Year:1998,4    Page:——
 Title:Model for Paleoearthquake Recurrence Along Baying Segment of the North Margin Fault of Fanshan Basin in Hebei Province
    Citation:(1)    Author:Ran Yongkang,Fang Zhongjing,Duan Ruitao,Li Zhiyi,Wang Jingbo,Yang Zhe,Ji Fengju,and Li JianpingInsatute of Geology,State Seismologlcal Bureau,Beijing ,China    Year:1996,1    Page:——
 Title:The Geomagnetic Effects of Moderately Strong Earthquakes in Jiangsu Area
    Citation:(1)    Author:Peng Chunyi,Ji Caijian,Yang Xinping,Chen Yang,and Zheng JiangrongSeismological Bureau of Jiangsu Province,Nanjing ,China    Year:1995,1    Page:——
 Title:Evaluation of Earthquake Losses and Establishment of a Corresponding Database System
    Citation:(1)    Author:Li Shuzhen and Yin ZhiqianInstitute of Engineering Mechanics. SSB,Harbin China    Year:1995,3    Page:——
 Title:Plastic-Flow/Seismic" Network Systems and Tectonic Units in Central-Eastern Asia
    Citation:(1)    Author:Wang Shengzu and Zhang ZongchunInstitute of Geology,SSB,Beijing China    Year:1995,3    Page:——
 Title:Microscopic Indicators of Stick-Slip and Creep-Slip in Deformation Products From the Daqingshan Piedmont Active Fault
    Citation:(1)    Author:Yao Daquan,Tang Youbiao,Li Jie,and Liu JiacanSeismological Bureau of Anhui Province,Hefei ,China    Year:1996,1    Page:——
 Title:Characteristics of Recent Horizontal Crustal Movement and Tectonic Deformation in the Northwest China Region
    Citation:(1)    Author:Zhang Xi    Year:2006,3    Page:271——285
 Title:A Preliminary Study of the Types of Volcanic Earthquakes and Volcanic Activity at the Changbaishan Tianchi Volcano
    Citation:(1)    Author:Ming Yuehong    Year:2006,3    Page:286——294
 Title:A Preliminary Study on the New Activity Features of the Lajishan Mountain Fault Zone in Qinghai Province
    Citation:(1)    Author:Yuan Daoyang    Year:2005,4    Page:391——401
 Title:Study on Fine Crustal Structure of the Sanhe-Pinggu Earthquake (M8.0) Region by Deep Seismic Reflection Profiling
    Citation:(1)    Author:Zhang Xiankang,Zhao Jinren,Liu Guohu,Song Wenrong,Liu Baojin,Zhao Chengbin,Cheng Shuangxi,Liu Jiand,Gu Menglin and Sun Zhenguo    Year:2003,2    Page:122——133
 Title:Centroid Depth Versus Hypocentral Depth: Their Distribution and Depth/Mechanism Dependence
    Citation:(1)    Author:Wu Zhongliang,Huang Jing and Zhou Gongwei    Year:2003,3    Page:220——226
 Title:Casualties' States During Destructive Earthquakes
    Citation:(1)    Author:Zhao Zhendong and Zheng Xiangyuan    Year:2001,2    Page:215——221
 Title:The Effect of Heterogeneity on Rock's Ultrasonic Attenuation and Its Correction
    Citation:(1)    Author:WANG Baoshan,Sun Daoyuan,LI Shengjie,Li Weidong,Shi Xingjue and Liu Bin    Year:2001,3    Page:222——229
 Title:Pull-apart Basins and the Total Lateral Displacement Along the Haiyuan Fault Zone in Cenozoic
    Citation:(1)    Author:Tian Qinjian,Ding Guoyu and Shen Xuhui    Year:2001,4    Page:390——398
 Title:Research on the 3-D Seismic Structures in Qinghai-Xizang Plateau
    Citation:(1)    Author:Ding Zhifeng,He Zhengqin,Wu Jianping and Sun Weiguo    Year:2002,1    Page:27——38
 Title:The Spatial and Temporal Variation of Modern Tectonic Stress Field in North China before and after the 1976 Tangshan Earthquake
    Citation:(1)    Author:Cui Xiaofeng and Xie Furen    Year:2002,1    Page:71——80
 Title:Focal Fault and Stress Field of the Yao'an M 6.5 Earthquake on January 15, 2001
    Citation:(1)    Author:Wang Shaojin,Long Xiaofan and Li Zhonghua    Year:2002,4    Page:341——350
 Title:Crustal Movement in the Northern Part of North China Associated with Zhangbei Earthquake
    Citation:(1)    Author:Yang Guohu,Wang Min and Han Yueping    Year:2002,1    Page:81——89
 Title:On the Consistency of Large Earthquake Moment and Strain Rate Inferred from GPS Data in North China
    Citation:(1)    Author:Wan Yongge    Year:2005,3    Page:249——258
 Title:Seismicity in Major Seismotectonic Provinces of Iran
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