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 Title:Study on the Deconvolution Method and Processing Flow of Airgun Source Data
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 Title:Strains Recorded Using a Seismometer Data Acquisition Unit
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 Title:A Statistical Analysis on the Wenchuan Aftershock Activity Triggered by Earth Tide
    Citation:(1)    Author:Li Jin , Haikun    Year:2013,1    Page:23——38
 Title:Zhang Heng's Seismoscope Its Emergence
    Citation:(1)    Author:Feng Rui    Year:2014,1    Page:1——11
 Title:Textual Research on the Historical Data of the 1573 AD Minxian Earthquake in Gansu Province and Discussion on Its Seismogenic Structure
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 Title:Dynamical Implications of Earthquake Modeling Using Stochastic Cellular Automata
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 Title:Eastern Kunlun Active Fault Zone and Its Seismic Activity
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 Title:Systematic Analysis Method of Shear-Wave Splitting:SAM Software System
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 Title:Research on the Characteristics and Repeatability of Strong Earthquake Activity in Sichuan-Yunnan
    Citation:(1)    Author:Huang Shengmu and Dong Ruiying    Year:2017,4    Page:491——512