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 Title:Practices and Advances in Exploring the Subsurface Structure and Its Temporal Evolution with Repeatable Artificial Sources
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 Title:Study on the Deconvolution Method and Processing Flow of Airgun Source Data
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 Title:Annual Consultation on the Likelihood of Earthquakes in Continental China: Its Scientific and Practical Merits
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 Title:A Preliminary Study on the Use of NCEP Temperature Images and Additive Tectonic Stress from Astro-Tidal-Triggering to Forecast Short-Impending Earthquakes
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 Title:Research on Large Volume Airgun Source Signal Reception in Hutubi, Xinjiang Using Seismic Network Data
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 Title:The Temporal Variation of LURR in Kanto and Other Regions in Japan and Its Application to Earthquake Prediction
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 Title:Location Accuracy of the China National Seismograph Network Estimated by Repeating Events
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 Title:Shaking Table Test Study on Dynamic Characteristics of Bridge Foundation Reinforcement on Slopes
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 Title:The Time-frequency Characteristic of a Large Volume Airgun Source Wavelet and Its Influencing Factors
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 Title:A Review on Tidal Triggering of Earthquakes
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 Title:Textual Research on the Historical Data of the 1573 AD Minxian Earthquake in Gansu Province and Discussion on Its Seismogenic Structure
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 Title:Signal Detection of Large Volume Airgun Source Excitation in the Fixed Field of the Yangtze River
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 Title:Study on the Source Characteristics of Downhole Airgun with Different Excitation Environments
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 Title:Basic features of the Crustal Structure in the Lower Yangtze and its Neighboring Area in the Chinese Mainland: Review of Deep Seismic Sounding Research
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 Title:Dynamical Implications of Earthquake Modeling Using Stochastic Cellular Automata
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 Title:Systematic Analysis Method of Shear-Wave Splitting:SAM Software System
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 Title:Analysis of Some Building Damage Phenomena in the Wenchuan Earthquake
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 Title:Surface Rupture and Coseismic Displacement of the M_S7.1 Yushu Earthquake
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 Title:Pre-earthquake Schumann Resonance Anomaly in Yunnan
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 Title:Numerical Simulation of Coseismic Response and Its Mechanism of Well Water Temperature to Farfield Strong Earthquakes
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 Title:Characteristics of Late Quaternary Activity of the Luhuatai Buried Fault Revealed by Drilling
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 Title:Relocation of Earthquakes in the Northeastern Tianshan Mountains Area and Improvement of Local 1-Dimensional Crustal Velocity Model
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 Title:Experiment and Simulation of Large Capacity Air-guns in Deep Structure Exploration
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 Title:Research Development and Perspective on Slow Slip, Tremors, and Slow Earthquakes
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 Title:Characteristics of Recent Horizontal Crustal Movement and Tectonic Deformation in the Northwest China Region
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 Title:Some Thoughts on the Earthquake Science Experimental Site——The Underground Cloud Map
    Citation:(1)    Author:    Year:2019,1    Page:——
 Title:Zhang Heng's Seismoscope Its Emergence
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 Title:Distribution of Landslides in Baoshan City, Yunnan Province, China
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 Title:Study of Shaking Table Test on Dynamic Response Characteristics and Failure Mechanism of the Loess Slope
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 Title:An Integrated Multi-Level Early Warning Method for Rainfall-Induced Shallow Landslides
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 Title:Vegetation Restoration Monitoring in Yingxiu Landslide Area after the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake
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 Title:A Discrete Element Analysis of the Sliding Friction Heat in High-Speed and Long-Runout Landslides
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 Title:Preface to the Special Issue on Active Source Research
    Citation:(1)    Author:WANG Baoshan and CHEN Yong    Year:2019,2    Page:171——173
 Title:Characteristics of Seismic Wave Propagation in the Binchuan Region of Yunnan Using a Dense Seismic Array and Large Volume Airgun Shots
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 Title:The Seasonal Variation of Large Volume Airgun Signals in Hutubi, Xinjiang
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 Title:Weak Seismic Signal Extraction Based on the Curvelet Transform
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 Title:Probability Data Screening Method in Airgun Signal Processing Application
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 Title:Improving Airgun Signal Detection with Small-Aperture Seismic Array in Yunnan
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 Title:Active Source Seismic Identification and Automatic Picking of the P-wave First Arrival Using a Convolutional Neural Network
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 Title:Study of the Change in Wave Velocity Ratio before and after Two Strong Earthquakes Using Airgun Source Data
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 Title:Study of the Reservoir Damage during Cyclic Injection and Extraction Process in the Hutubi Gas Storage
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