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Volume 32,Issue 3,2018 Table of Contents

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Research Overview

The Key Technical Points and Main Characteristics of the New National Standard of Magnitude
  Liu Ruifeng and Wang Liyan
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Regional Scale Seismological Investigation on the Continent Crust Using Airgun Sources—A Perspective Review
  Wang Weitao, Wang Baoshan, Jiang Shengmiao, Hu Jiupeng and Zhang Yuansheng
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The Present Status and Prospect of Earthquake Focal Depth Locating
  Zheng Yong and Xie Zujun
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【Research Papers】

The Tongliao MS5.3 Earthquake and Its Foreshock Determination
  Wang Shubo, Zhuoli Getu and Li Juan
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Analysis of the Frequency Domain Water-level Deconvolution Method Based on Reservoir Airgun Source Data
  You Xiuzhen, Li Jun, Lin Binhua, Huang Yandan, Wu Lihua and Guo Yang
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Research on the Seismic Wave Characteristics of Low Frequency Signals before the Alxa Left Banner MS5.8 Earthquake in Inner Mongolia, China
  Liang Shasha, Gao Lixin, Dai Yong, Ge Gen and Wang Lei
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Analysis of Gravity Changes before and after the Akto MS6.7 Earthquake in 2016
  Ailixiati Yushan, Liu Daiqin, Li Jie, Li Rui, Abudutayier Yasen, Sun Xiaoxu, Zhu Zhiguo, Li Guirong and Chen Li
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Research on Regional Crustal Deformation Characteristics Using Displacement Time Series Data of GNSS Reference Stations in Xinjiang
  Li Guirong, Wang Xiaoqiang, Li Jie, Liu Daiqin, Ailixiati Yushan, Chen Li and Li Rui
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Application of the Levenberg-Marquardt Method in Improving Technology of the Seismic Influence Field
  Yang Yanming, Jiang Lixin and Wang Zhenxiang
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A Preliminary Analysis of the Earthquake Disaster of Buildings during Two Destructive Earthquakes in Xinjiang
  Wen Heping, Hu Weihua, Tan Ming, Sun Jianing and Tang Lihua
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3-D Simulation Study on Seismic Response of Bridge Piles in Landslide
  Hou Chaoping and Liu Qi
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Analysis of Thermal Infrared Anomalies for the April 16, 2013 MW7.8 of Khash, Iran Earthquake
  Wang Ying, Zhang Yuansheng and Wei Congxin
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A Review of Seismicity in the First Half of 2018
  Zhai Luyuan, Ji Yunda, Jiang Xianghua, Yang Chen and Lu Jinglin
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