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Volume ,Issue 1,2019 Table of Contents

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Research Overview

Some Thoughts on the Earthquake Science Experimental Site-The Underground Cloud Map
  CHEN Yong, XU Yihe, CAI Huiteng and LI Wen
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New Explorations of Laboratory and On-site Testing of Broadband Seismographs in China
  XIE Jianbo, YANG Dake, LI Xiaojun, YUAN Songyong, TONG Wanglian, MA Jiemei, XU Weiwei, DING Lisha and YE Shishan
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【Research Papers】

Research on Energy Radiation Characteristics of an Airgun Source Excited in Land Reservoir
  DONG Mingrong, FU Liyun, XING Chao, YANG Shaodong, YANG Jun and LI Xiaobin
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Simultaneous Denoising and Interpolation of Seismic Data via the Deep Learning Method
  GAO Han and ZHANG Jie
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Surface Wave Group Velocity Tomography Imaging from Ambient Noise for Fujian Province and Its Adjacent Areas
  ZHANG Lina, LUO Yan, CHEN Zhiyong, XIE Zhizhao, ZHOU Lanjie and ZENG Xiangfang
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A Study on the Influencing Factors on Ground Motion in a Valley Site
  LI Ping, BO Jingshan, XIAO Ruijie and ZHANG Yudong
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Intensity Distribution of the Mojiang MS5.9 Earthquake in Yunnan in 2018
  LU Yongkun, ZHOU Yang, DAI Boyang, YANG Jianqiang and YAN Hang
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The Conversion Relationship between the Local Earthquake Magnitude and Surface Wave Magnitude in the Inner Mongolia Digital Seismic Network
  LIU Fang, SU Riya, XU Xiquan, LI Hui and NA Re
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Numerical Study on the Effect of the Manila Seismic Tsunami on the Guangdong Coast——The Nonlinear Effects of Tides and Tsunamis
  CAO Yonggang, LIU Changjian, LIU Tongmu, FENG Yanqing, LIU Yuqiang, LIAO Shizhi and CHEN Yizhan
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Information Detection of Seismic Debris Flow by UAV High-resolution Image Based on Transfer Learning
  GUO Jiawei, LI Yongshu, WANG Hongshu, LU Heng and WANG Xiaobo
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The Shaking Table Test on the Performance of Cement-mixed Piles in Liquefiable Railway Foundations
  ZHAO Mengyi, XIE Qiang, CAO Xinwen and ZHAO Wen
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A Review of the Calculation Formula for the Four-component Borehole Strainmeter and Application to Earthquake Cases
  SU Kaizhi
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Comparison of Seismic Design Codes between China and the United States for Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls
  XU Peng, TIAN Hongcheng, JIANG Guanlu and WANG Zhimeng
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【Natural Disaster in the News】

Review of the 2018 Palu Tsunami:Disaster Behavior and Reflections on Disaster Management
  HU Jiupeng, CHEN Yong, LI Wen, XU Yihe and CAI Huiteng
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【Seismic Research Information】

Highlights of Recent Scientific Earthquake Hazard Mitigation
  PENG Fei
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