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Volume 32,Issue 1,2018 Table of Contents

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【Research Overview】

A Review on the Research Progress in Operational Earthquake Forecasting (OEF) in the World
  Bi Jinmeng and Jiang Changsheng
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【Research Papers】

Earthquake Probability of the “Seismic Gap” on the Longmenshan Fault
  Song Jin, Jiang Haikun, Meng Lingyuan and Zang Yang
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Tomography for Q of the Eastern Section of the Tianshan Area from High-frequency Attenuation of S-wave
  Li Jin, Zhou Longquan, Wang Huilin and Xiang Yuan
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The Study on the Strong Ground Motion Attenuation Relationship in the Pishan Area, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
  Li Wenqian, Tao Zhengru, Wei Bin and He Jingang
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Study on the Moment Magnitude of Small and Moderate Earthquakes Located in the Inner Mongolia Region
  Liu Fang, Zhang Fan, Li Bin and Na Re
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Research of the Differential Uplifting in the Palongzangbu Region Based on the Synthesis of the Watershed Index and Seismic Data
  Wang Lin, Zhao Yan, Tian Qinjian, Li Wenqiao and Xu Yueren
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Study on the Anisotropy of the Underground Medium in Hohhot
  Zhang Hui, Zhai Hao and Han Xiaoming
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The Crustal Velocity Structure of Western Inner Mongolia
  Zhao Yanhong and Jia Xiye
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Focal Mechanism and Focal Depth of the May 22, 2016 MS4.6 Earthquake in Chaoyang, Liaoning
  Zhao Xing, Zhang Fan, Han Xiaoming, Wang Shubo and Wei Jianmin
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Current Vertical Motion Analysis of Northwestern Margin of Ordos Based on Precise Leveling
  Guo Baozhen, Ta La, Zhou Haitao and Su Guangli
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The NE Directed Seismicity Belt in Tibet after the MS8.1 Nepal Earthquake and Its Predictive Significance
  Wang Shuangxu, Zhu Liangyu, Xu Jing, Ji Lingyun and Jiang Fengyun
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The Background Variation of Natural Source ELF and Its EM Abnormal Phenomena in Yunnan Earthquakes
  Fan Ye, Tang Ji, Han Bing, Cui Tengfa and Xu Qin
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A Review of Seismicity in 2017
  Jiang Xianghua, Wang Yue, Han Yanyan, Xue Yan, Yang Wen, Zang Yang, Deng Shiguang, Ma Yawei, Yao Qi, Song Jin, Shi Haixia, Zhang Xiaotao, Meng Lingyuan and Zhou Longquan
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Status Report on the International Conference for the Decade Memory of the Wenchuan Earthquake and the 4th International Conference on Continental Earthquake
  Zhang Yan and Xu Qin
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